Tekstar Systems, Inc

Great new wireless solutions are available for a/v system control, teleconference dialing and presentation control using inexpensive Ipad solutions.

Call us today! you'll be impressed with the applications, cost and benefits of an integrated presentation system!

Video cameras and storage cost continue to drop while quality and features advance.  Making your piece of mind more affordable than ever.  Call Tekstar Systems to discuss your surveillance ideas.

Eliminate the need to re-key, copy keys or alter your schedule to allow access for others with an electronic access control system.

Instead give your employees and venders the access they need to be productive with the tools to monitor and control your facility with increased security and efficiency. 

The initial cost of the system is surprisingly low and you will see immediate return on the investment!
Our consultants will review your specific needs and open the door to access control.

Critical - Business - Systems

Today's complex business environments require quality technology as an integral part of daily life more than ever.  Let Tekstar Systems assist you to realize the piece of mind that a comprehensive security system can.  Impress yourself with a visual or audio communications/presentation system.  Use digital telecommunications to enhance your image and productivity company wide
Audio Systems
Public address systems, presentation systems, intercom and background music are essential elements in today's business environment.
Tekstar Systems designs and installs overhead speakers systems, microphone and complete audio systems.

Video Systems
Presentation and Display systems, recording systems or a combination of both.  Tekstar Systems will design and install a system for your conference or training room, video teleconference or reader board application.

Structured Cabling Systems
Category 5e, 6, 6a or fiber optic cabling installed by factory certified technicians.  Tekstar provides full service inside and outside plant cabling services for voice, data and video systems.

Intrusion/Burglary Alarm Systems
Protect your assets and your personnel with perimeter and interior monitoring.  Audible alarms in addition to live UL monitoring keep your facility protected when you aren't there.
Video Surveillance Systems
Video surveillance systems are critical to the protection of your companies assets, customers and employees.  Record and store images for incident management or view real-time video to monitor current events. 

Access Control Systems
Tekstar Systems will implement an access control system to manage and monitor employees, venders and your business' entrances schedules.  Schedule your doors to lock and unlock on a fixed schedule and review who and when authorized people were in your facility.

Maintenance and Service Systems
We offer customized services for riser management, dis-connect/re-connect, suitability and other services.